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Thanks for supporting an independant artist!


The price of an illustration will really depend on your needs:

  • How many illustrations?
  • How much detailled they need to be?
  • What is it made for?
  • What are your deadlines? (Rushed projects will have extra fees)
  • Is it for commercial use? (Art licensing fee ranges from 2 to 15% of gross sales and will be a flat rate fee up front or a royalty)

Keep in mind that we receive a lot of demands and your project might be in a production line up.

  • You have an idea in mind? Please share it :) The clearer it is the faster it will be.
  • What is your message? Can you provide me a list of inspiration quotes. It could also be something you want to write on the illustration.
  • Gather some illustrations you like to help me understand the mood of your project.
  • Are you planning on producing merchandise? Tshirts? Stickers? other products? I need to know those details for technical purposes.
  • Is it for personal or commercial use?

If it's for commercial use:

  • Tell me more about your company and mission.
  • Are there any specific guidelines or brandchart i should follow?

Here are some detailled questions i'll ask depending on merch:

Tshirt/ Apparels

  • Do you already have a supplier?
  • What color and model of shirt will you use? (This info will help me focus right away on the good palette for my illustration.)
  • How many colors you want in the illustration? (If you screenprint your tshirt, the amount of colors matters cause the more you add the more it cost).
  • Any specific colors you want to have in the design?
  • How many illustrated elements do you need? (For exemple is it one big illustration in front /or/ 1 small illustration on the chest + 1 big illustration in the back /or/ Illustrations on the arms /etc.)


  • Do you already have a supplier?
  • What is the final size of your sticker?
  • Is there a special finish on the sticker?

Other Products (bottles / cups / van wraps, etc.) 

  • Do you already have a supplier?
  • Do they provide guidelines or templates

Brand Identity

Brand Identity starts at 5500$ and usually take about two months to finish.

Keep in mind that we receive a lot of demands and your project might be in a production line up.

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